Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 9-12

(We were too busy moving to take a 12 week photo)

Weeks 9-12

How far along? 12 weeks

Baby's size and development? From grape to plum little baby grew a lot during this time. :) Now weighing almost half an ounce and measuring about 2 inches long, we have come a long way from a poppy seed. You can kick and make faces now, I see problems with these skills arising in the distant future.

Best moment? Seeing you/your heartbeat on the ultrasound/getting to pee after the ultrasound/finally being reunited with Andrew and moving in to our new house!

Symptoms/Changes? Nausea slowed, peeing SO much, exhaustion still awful, indigestion the worst, bloating, huge boobs, aversion to mashed potatoes, desire for soup, food poisoning, high waisted skirts to hide very slight bump.
What I miss? Soft serve, caffeine, being able to sleep through the night

What I'm looking forward to? Finally telling our families at Thanksgiving!

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