Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY: Simple Babylegs

Baby legs are adorable. I made some. Here's how:

sewing machine (or if you don't have one and have tons of time to kill I guess you could handsew them with just a needle and thread)
sewing pins (sort of optional)

1. Get a pair of knee-high adult socks (maybe use kid-sized if you want some newborn babylegs).

2.Cut off the toes and heels.

3. You want the leftovers to look like this. The foot pieces will become cuffs and the longer pieces will be the legs.

4. Flip the foot-piece inside out and sew a seam approx. 1/2" to 1" from the edge.

5. Cut off excess to reduce bulk, if you want.

6. fold the foot piece in half, into itself, so that the outside is facing out and in with the raw edges at the top together and a nice folded edge at the bottom. Do you see a cuff emerging?

7. Tricky part: attaching the cuff to the leg. Turn the leg inside out and place the cuff just inside the end with the raw edge. All 3 raw edges should be lined up nicely, hold in place with your fingers or with sewing pins.

8. Now, sew those raw edges together! It's finicky but it doesn't have to be perfect.

9. What the finished product should look like when inside out.

10. One down...

11. Voila! Baby legs. Make sure any loose threads are cut off and give them a gentle wash and dry before you put them on baby!
Total cost:
$1.25 for dollar store socks
Total time:
less than 10 minutes

Weeks 30-36

OK, so not only have I seriously fallen behind but photobucket changed their editor and it totally ruined the contiguity of these weekly photos. I did my best to recreate. :)
36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks
Baby's size and development? Baby G is now being compared to watermelon on all of my apps. This is a frightening fruity comparison, and a particularly cruel one. I am going to go ahead and imagine one of those small, perfectly round little watermelons. Or a nice quartered one all wrapped up in saran wrap ready to eat. A whole watermelon is a lot. I don't even like watermelon! At approximately 6+lbs and 20ish" our "little" one will be ready to come anytime after St. Patrick's Day when I reach 37 weeks. Also, that's the point at which we are safe to attempt our birth at home, anytime before and we would have to go to the hospital. However, with my diastolic BP reading looking a bit high that could still be a possibility. Fingers crossed it goes/stays down and we have our dream waterbirth in the comfort of our little home. :)
Best moment? Lots of good stuff! Seeing our maternity photos, having our baby shower, getting the nursery to farthest point we can without knowing the sex (so I can finish decorating appropriately), never having any dirty laundry because the second we get a baby item we wash it so we can fold it up all tiny and put it in the baby's room, my last day of work, my sister finally feeling the baby move and our date night last night!
Symptoms/Changes? I have gained about 15lbs so far, with a steady 1lb/wk gain since someone in my second trimester. I am still stretch mark-free with an innie belly button but I am just starting to see the faintest linea nigra. I have a bit of swelling when I am warm or at the end of the day. I will spontaneously lose my breakfast but this is rare. I still get nasty indigestion and cannot wait to no longer fear hot sauce. The baby is apparently very low in my pelvis but it is still so high up in my ribs I have to sit in a permanently reclined position. Something tells me very tall women would not have this problem. I am waking up A LOT at night, apparently if you roll onto your back your body will wake you up so I think this is what's happening. I have finally started to get out of breath easily, especially when talking, probably because I talk really fast. One of the last art lessons I taught was splatter painting. At the end of each class I was on my hands and knees wiping paint off the floor with a rag. At the beginning of the next class I would try to do my spiel on Jackson Pollock and end up just panting and having the kids free draw until I could catch my breath. I love this little baby and love the comfort of knowing it's safe inside me but after tomorrow I will gladly welcome a slightly early arrival...

What I miss? My brown boots that are now a bit too hard to zip up. Also: Spinning in circles, cartwheels, jumping up and down, running fast, handstands, dancing without looking like I'm celebrating a successful watermelon theft.

What I'm looking forward to? This week off with Andrew to finish preparing for baby and to relax, Easter, the first signs of labour and the total excitement/fear I will feel knowing that we are close to meeting our baby!