Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY: Simple Babylegs

Baby legs are adorable. I made some. Here's how:

sewing machine (or if you don't have one and have tons of time to kill I guess you could handsew them with just a needle and thread)
sewing pins (sort of optional)

1. Get a pair of knee-high adult socks (maybe use kid-sized if you want some newborn babylegs).

2.Cut off the toes and heels.

3. You want the leftovers to look like this. The foot pieces will become cuffs and the longer pieces will be the legs.

4. Flip the foot-piece inside out and sew a seam approx. 1/2" to 1" from the edge.

5. Cut off excess to reduce bulk, if you want.

6. fold the foot piece in half, into itself, so that the outside is facing out and in with the raw edges at the top together and a nice folded edge at the bottom. Do you see a cuff emerging?

7. Tricky part: attaching the cuff to the leg. Turn the leg inside out and place the cuff just inside the end with the raw edge. All 3 raw edges should be lined up nicely, hold in place with your fingers or with sewing pins.

8. Now, sew those raw edges together! It's finicky but it doesn't have to be perfect.

9. What the finished product should look like when inside out.

10. One down...

11. Voila! Baby legs. Make sure any loose threads are cut off and give them a gentle wash and dry before you put them on baby!
Total cost:
$1.25 for dollar store socks
Total time:
less than 10 minutes

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