Friday, December 28, 2012

Buying Cloth Diapers in Canada

We chose cloth diapers because they not only save money, but they also save waste. The ones we decided on were Bumgenius Elemental One Size All-in-Ones. I chose these partly because they are easy to use (no stuffing), organic, last your baby through pretty much the whole time they are in diapers and because Young House Love swears by them and their word is pretty much gospel. The problem is that buying these in stores in Canada is virtually impossible or super expensive. I knew I had to get them online and in a multi-pack rather than individually. has an 12-pack of neutral colours for $250 while has the same for $350 (pretty crazy when the Canadian dollar is currently worth $0.01 more than the US). I also found a website called where you can get 12 for $362.75 and one called who offer a discount based on how many you buy so that 12 cost $328.61. These were both Canadian websites so I wouldn't have to deal with duty or crazy shipping charges and I could feel good about supporting a Canadian company. I could have orderd from and had it shipped to Ship Happens in Sumas, WA, just across the border and saved money. However I would have ended up saving only about $42, having to deal with a middleman and not getting to choose the colours of the diapers. I opted to go with New and Green and placed an order for 12 diapers in specific colours (white, noodle, butternut, mirror, grasshopper, albert and lovelace). I got my automated confirmation e-mail and all was good. However, the next day I got a personalized e-mail from Collen at New and Green apologizing profusely that they did not currently have all the colours I wanted. She outlined my options and offered a free diaper to make up for the inconvienience. I opted to have her ship what she had then and the rest when she got a new order in. TWO days later there is a knock on the door and 6 diapers (including our free one) have arrived. Inside was a handwritten note apologizing again and reminding us to prewash them. This is some of the best customer service I have ever received! I am so happy I chose to order from them, especially since with the free diaper we spent less than $20 more than we would have ordering from amazon. Thanks Collen and New and Green! I can't wait to get the rest of these diapers!

P.S. Speaking of online Canadian companies with great, personalized customer service have you ever shopped from They are awesome and practically a one woman show!

Weeks 21-25

I guess I have abandoned trying to do these in 4 week blocks, life gets in the way, etcetera.

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks
Baby's size and development? Baby G is a beast! The size of a papaya or an eggplant depending on the app. 13 inches long and nearing 2lbs in weight. Little guy/gal is starting to open their eyes and learning to tap dance while wearing ice skates everytime I lay down to go to sleep.
Best moment? Both Grandmas finally getting to feel kicks. Getting baby stuff for Christmas! I tried to ban shopping for baby before the New Year but knew that realistically this would only limit the number of things bought, not elimiate it entirely. I was happy to get things though as the more time passes the more I realize this is coming quickly.
Symptoms/Changes? Dry skin like crazy, super runny/stuffed nose, not liking chocolate anymore!! Also, my belly is starting to look pregnant from the front instead of just the side. My belly button is stretched but far from an outie. I have finally starting gaining weight! Whoo Hoo up 4lbs at 25 weeks!

What I miss? My sister. (Get to see her tomorrow though!) How easy conversation flows after a glass or two of wine. I find myself zoning out a bit at social functions where others are drinking. My sweet husband is going to try not to drink from January until the baby is born.
What I'm looking forward to? Painting the baby room (which we are doing in the next couple days). Getting more baby stuff! So far we have a cradle, pack'n'play, a couple litte onesies, a bib, two blankies, a pacifier clip, a toy, some books and 6 diapers. Stay tuned for my experience ordering cloth diapers online!

Christmas House!

That "JOY" canvas was a super easy DIY. It's actually an abstract canavs that was already hanging there that didn't go with my Christmas decor. So, I wrapped it in a graphic wrapping paper and made some letters of out of printer paper. EASY! It will all come off when our decorations go away after New Years and I can make a new one next year. :)

Jack the Christmas Dog

If our child ends up with an "S" name we will need to rearrange our stockings a bit...

Finally hung some blinds in this room after 4 months of living on display. We will still need some solid curtains before trying to birth our child in this room in April.

Feather tree from Value Village!

Happy Holidays!