Friday, December 28, 2012

Weeks 21-25

I guess I have abandoned trying to do these in 4 week blocks, life gets in the way, etcetera.

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks
Baby's size and development? Baby G is a beast! The size of a papaya or an eggplant depending on the app. 13 inches long and nearing 2lbs in weight. Little guy/gal is starting to open their eyes and learning to tap dance while wearing ice skates everytime I lay down to go to sleep.
Best moment? Both Grandmas finally getting to feel kicks. Getting baby stuff for Christmas! I tried to ban shopping for baby before the New Year but knew that realistically this would only limit the number of things bought, not elimiate it entirely. I was happy to get things though as the more time passes the more I realize this is coming quickly.
Symptoms/Changes? Dry skin like crazy, super runny/stuffed nose, not liking chocolate anymore!! Also, my belly is starting to look pregnant from the front instead of just the side. My belly button is stretched but far from an outie. I have finally starting gaining weight! Whoo Hoo up 4lbs at 25 weeks!

What I miss? My sister. (Get to see her tomorrow though!) How easy conversation flows after a glass or two of wine. I find myself zoning out a bit at social functions where others are drinking. My sweet husband is going to try not to drink from January until the baby is born.
What I'm looking forward to? Painting the baby room (which we are doing in the next couple days). Getting more baby stuff! So far we have a cradle, pack'n'play, a couple litte onesies, a bib, two blankies, a pacifier clip, a toy, some books and 6 diapers. Stay tuned for my experience ordering cloth diapers online!

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