Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mom's Wedding Part I

I feel a need to break down our incredibly exciting August into more detail than one post as it was...incredibly exciting. To start lets cover my mom's wedding, day 1....

Who: My mom Mary Lou and her then fiance Eric, the family, some friends.
What: Their wedding
When: August 5th 2011
Where: Mom and Eric's place (amenity building)

Wedding Day 1
Let's start with the dresses!

My mom's dress is from the Blue by Enzoani 2011 collection, it's called Danbury.
My dress is BCBG, I think it has been discontinued as it was on sale about 75%.
My sister's dress is a Venus bridesmaid's dress style #1277

On to the decor!

There were over 50 rented white cane-back chairs, three big rented palm trees, tons of tea lights, white potted flowers, white linens and a patio set outside that came straight from their patio at home. It was classy and just a little bit old Hollywood glam which went perfectly with her dress and hair.

The food...

Food, tables and linens were provided by Marilyn Pearson's Cuisine and Company. They were fun and professional and the food was healthy, organic and delicious. They even set up a barbeque station on the playground outside.

 You have got to love my sister in this one, plus it's a good shot of my dress :)

 Sufficiently embarassing shot of my mom and her new sister-in-law

Andrew and I (we hadn't slow-danced since our own wedding!)
Music was provided by my laptop and a hastily assembled playlist on repeat which no one seemed to mind. Some dancing was impressive (Eric and his sister's swing dancing was admirable) and some was just embarassing (My sister and I dance fighting? No one wants to see that...)
Two things you may notice about the video:  1. Yes that's the caterers getting down, we're just that fun. 2. I am not in the video, no way anyone needs to have easy access to that footage.

The photography was done by a talented friend of the groom and videography (not the dancing video though) was done by Andrew's dad Mark with the help of his lovely wife and assistant Eileen.

Coming up: a Wedding Day 2 post!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This summer in one sentence...

Work, work, work, CAMP, work, work, work, MOM's WEDDING, EUROPE, work.

Camping near Sooke Potholes
 At our favourite beach
Mom and Eric on their wedding day
Mom and I
The new extended family
 Flying over Greenland
 Menton (in the South of France)
 Cote d'Azur
 Beach in Monaco
 Breakfast in France: Espresso and Pain au Chocolat
 Medieval Mountain Village
 Fontana di Trevi
 St. Alban's Cathedral in England
 Ben and the Eye
 Bath, England
 Northern Ireland
 Sheep Island
 Giant's Causeway
 Downhill Beach