Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Europe Part 3: Paris

Part 1, Part 2

Well Paris wasn't very fun for us. We had gotten sick on our last day of Rome, then spent over 15 hours on a night train feeling worse and by the time we got to our hotel in Paris I felt so relieved just to have a real bed, shower and private bathroom that I didn't care if I saw a single sight.I had been to Paris years before and seen all of the major sights, eaten the food and shopped so I didn't feel too terrible about missing it. We had only given ourselves less than two full days there so it was really just a pit-stop on our way from Rome to London. I don't think anyone has ever though of Paris as a pit-stop before...We stayed at the Hotel Eiffel Segur and our room was adorable, comfortable and an easy walking distance to the eiffel tower. I was feeling so ill that we even had a fancy french doctor come to the hotel to check me. He wrote me some perscriptions and Andrew ventured out with his minimal french to fill them for me. I showered and slept while he explored a bit, walked to the eiffel tower alone and even ate french onion soup alone at a restaurant. He brought me back a croque poulet with these fantastic disc-like fries. I ate a little before trying to go for a walk but that didn't last long. Luckily our taxi ride to and from the train station afforded us a bit of sight seeing we caught glimpses of the Louvre and Notre Dame and got to see the sun rising down the long streets of Paris. When we got to the train station we almost missed our train because we didn't think we would have to go through customs or anything but since the UK is not part of the European union we did, so afford time for filling forms and waiting in line if you are ever passing from an EU country to a non-EU country, you get so used to the open borders...Next up Europe Part 4: England!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baobab Salad

This is a salad I had last summer in Monte-Carlo at a little beach-side restaurant called Le Baobab. I am craving it right now and I think I must recreate it!

Baobab Salad
Mixed Greens
White Asparagus
Water Chestnut
Boiled Egg
Toss it in a light, sweet and tangy dressing like a honey balsamic.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April is Autism Month...

Inspriational and educational reading/watching/websites:

An in depth profile of Joseph Sheppard, psychology student and science fiction authour who was diagnosed with autsim as an adult. (I had the privelidge of working with him this semester.)

The Autism Crisis is a blog written by a talened researcher with autism named Michelle Dawson.

Lets Face It: On this website you can find games that target the development of face processing skills for children with autism and learn about the research on face processing in Autism.

Children with autism may see the world differently, this can be a creative advantage if we are willing to accept and nourish their talents rather than just suppress their differences.

Happy Autism Month!