After (in progress)

House to do list:
  • Clean top to bottom
  • Paint Living and Dining room
  • Curtains for Kitchen, Dining room and Office
  • Rugs!
  • Decorate to a livable level
  • Replace broken/ugly kitchen hardware
  • Paint Fireplace
  • Paint front door
  • Paint some baseboards
  • De and Re-Caulk the bathtub
  • Hang bamboo blinds in the living room
  • Finish unpacking the random, leftover boxes
  • Paint the upper half of the kitchen, the hallway, the closet doors and the rest of the baseboards
  • The Nursery! (paint, window coverings, light fixture, furniture, decor)
  • Fix the two, ugly, scratched up kitchen drawers (possibly cover with fabric or wallpaper)
  • Organize the laundry room
  • Organize and decorate the office a bit
  • Hang more artwork on the walls
  • Work on the backyard, salvage the yard-waste-stuffed compost, garden, get some patio furniture for spring, clean up the shed a bit
  • Trim some branches on the many trees and shrubs in the front yard
  • Paint exterior (property management company to do it they said in a few weeks, but something tells me we will be waiting until spring)
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