Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 13-16

Weeks 13-16

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby's size and development? Baby is the size of a delicious Avocado, weighing about 5 ounces and measuring 5 inches long. It can sense light, begin to hear outside noises and riverdance on my bladder.

Best moment? Telling our families and having that weight off our shoulders. Lots of happy tears and wine (for the future Grandma's, that is)/eating so much stuffing and gravy
Symptoms/Changes? No more nausea or indigestion! Still tired and easily dizzy. Bump noticable but I retain the use of my stomach muscles and will continue to suck it in until I can't anymore. Somehow, despite pregnancy books saying that I should experience a temporarily reduced urinary frequency it seems only to get worse. I get up at least twice a night (up to 5 times) and can't make it through one art class without abandoning my students to pee. I also have an increased appetite and eat an incredible 5 tacos in one sitting after a particularily terrifying, wet and muddy evening lost in a corn maze with my husband and in-laws.
What I miss? Having red wine with turkey dinner. The point in my pregnancy when I had a flat stomach from nausea and huge boobs from hormones, they are less cool when the belly starts coming in. Eggs Benedict. Sleep.
What I'm looking forward to? Our housewarming party next weekend! Seeing adorable preschoolers dressed up for Halloween at work! My next midwife appointment (finally one Andrew can make it to!).
Holding our tiny little baby for the first time and getting to put tiny onesies on it. Being able to stop calling the baby an it. Labour, breastfeeding, everything!

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