Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Weeks 5-8

Weeks 5-8

How far along? 8 weeks

Baby's size and development? Our baby has grown from sesame seed to raspberry during this time! Now weighing .04 oz. It looks less like a tadpole than before. :)

Best moment? Meeting my midwife and being really happy with my decision/when the girl at Victoria Secret told me my new bra size.

Symptoms/Changes? Mild nausea that occurred when I hadn't eaten recently, exhaustion, weight loss, dizziness, mild eczema, sore boobs, going up two cup sizes and down two band sizes.

What I miss? Our apartment, the ocean, my husband (At 8 weeks I moved back to the mainland to start a new job while Andrew stayed on the island to finish classes.)

What I'm looking forward to? My first visit from Andrew!

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