Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sad + What you must do right now!

On thursday my computer broke, yesterday we took it in to get fixed and today they called and said it's dead, bye-bye data. Bye-bye every university paper ever, bye-bye random photos too silly or personal to upload to facebook (and bye-bye the originals of those that were), bye-bye previous years' tax returns, bye-bye all our uplaoded/purchased on iTunes music, bye-bye just about everything.

We could have it sent to Vancouver to recover the data but that would cost about $1000 so unless we find a cheaper option its all gone for good. :( Thankfully wedding, engagement and europe photos were safe...but not a lot else was backed up. I had downloaded a program called SyncToy to start backing up but never got around to it. So. If your data is not yet backed up. DO IT NOW. STOP READING AND DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! If it is backed up then good for you. You are more on top of things that I am. Anyways, back to work saving tiny facebook photos onto my computer just in case facebook dies and all is lost.

P.S. Anyone who is interested can read this article that talks about a recent psychological study that showed we feel similar feelings of love toward our smartphones (and likely our laptops) as we do towards the people we love. R.I.P. Laptop, now I feel guilty I never even named you.

P.P.S. Yes I would wear a black birdcage veil to my computer's funeral...

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