Sunday, November 20, 2011

Europe Part 1: South of France

I am finally getting around to my Europe posts. Lots of photos!

In August Andrew and I went to Europe. We planned and saved for about 6 months, went way over budget and had a great time. Some of the sites we used were Travel Cuts for booking our flights, Eurail for train passes, VRBO for our rental in France, and for our hotel and hostel bookings.

We were gone for 23 days. We left Vancouver Airport early in the morning on August 7th, the day after my mom's post-wedding open house. Our first 5 days were spent staying at a rented apartment in a small city, named Menton, in the South of France, right on the ocean, right on the border of France and Italy. We flew Vancouver-Calgary, Calgary-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Nice. From Nice we took a 90 minute bus ride to downtown Menton, where we go onto a city bus that took us closer to the apartment which we then walked 3 minutes to.

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We stayed in the eastern-most part on the city, it was a 5 minute walk to the Italian border from the apartment we rented.

We spent our days eating on our patio with an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea, wandering around the old town, swimming, drinking our morning espresso, going on quick day trips to Monaco and St. Agnes, and even going for an afternoon walk to Italy (it was so hot out we didn't make it very far in.) I would highly recommend Menton, it's known as Nice's quieter cousin and is much cheaper to stay in. However, if you are going to stay there I recommend a dark tan, sparkly accessories and a tiny dog as must haves for fitting in.... Also, if French isn't your thing then learn some Italian as there were just as many Italian people/places as there were French.

On to the photos...

At YVR really, really early in the morning

Andrew and some beer at the Calgary airport.

Flying over Greenland

Andrew feeling like crap at the Frankfurt airport

My delightful snack on Lufthansa Air, my new fav. airline!

First Morning in Menton, looking towards Italy just after sunrise

breakfast on our deck

view from a cemetary at the top of the city


The old town

Beach in Ventimiglia (northern Italy)
looking out over Menton

Beach in Monaco

Espresso and Pain au Chocolat at Amie du Pain, next to our apartment
one of the many creepy/beautiful alleys in old town

lots and lots of dogs in Menton
morning swim in the sea
emerging from the mediterranean sea just like ariel when triton made her human...

just for comparison, leathery tanned old man and my pale ginger husband


getting lunch

looking out towards old town at dusk

The school and city hall in St. Agnes and nearby mountain village, sooo pretty!

at the train station in menton, on our way to ROME!
Next up: Europe Part 2: Rome

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