Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"New" Nightstand

Months and months ago when we decided that a dining room chair was no longer a suitable nightstand for poor Andrew (who before that had been using a bar stool) we went out to Salvation Army and spent a whole $6 on a real nightstand.
This ugly thing sat next to his side of the bed for a long time while the can of white spray paint I bought for it sat unused waiting for inspiration/motivation to strike. Finally, last week I was out for a brisk walk with Jack and I became suddenly energetic and proceeded to tackle a bunch of projects, one being the sprucing up of the nightstand. I used almost a full can of spray paint that we bought from home depot with a gift card I got from airmiles points. For the drawer pull I used a bit of black acrylic paint we already had laying around and then a tissue to wipe a bit off for an almost oil-rubbed bronze effect....
It's not perfect, but for $6.00 it's better than an old bar stool! Now I just have to do my nightstand to match.

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