Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday 2...

When we first met it seemed such a crazy coincidence that our birthdays were consecutive. However there were many more coincidences regarding our relationship that if I believed in fate I would say we were meant to be together. Sappy destiny talk aside celebrating our birthdays together is normal for us now, I get my day and then he gets his and for a few hours we have only a three year age difference between us. Today, I made pancakes and raspberry sauce for breakfast, Andrew may or may not have played with the Lego Star Wars set I got him, we went sea kayaking and then out for lunch at glo finally retiring to our warm apartment for a light dinner, race rocks amber ale and pumpkin pie. Happy 26th Andrew!
Every picture I took of him kayaking involved a ridiculous face.

A pump in case the kayak filled with water and a rope in case I "some how end up out of the boat."
I learned it is very hard to take a self portrait while in a kayak.

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