Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mom's Wedding Part II

Now that you have seen the lovely wedding day 1 it is time to turn our attention to wedding day 2. Wedding day 2 was an open house on August 6th, the day after the official wedding day and the day before Andrew and I left for Europe. It was a busy time. The open house had guests from the night before plus a more extended group of friends, family and coworkers. There was lots of food, drinks, gifts and it gave everyone a better chance to get to know eachother and to just chat and relax. However, as fun as it was we all learned that throwing a big party the day after throwing a huge party is not the greatest idea. We were all exhausted and would probably not go the two night event route again. Anyways, on to the photos!
 om noms
 Jack and Bailie
 Gifts Galore
 Looking into the living room from the entrance-way

 Patio people
 The newlyweds in their kitchen
Yes, that's me and a blurry Boba Fett...I'll explain someday.
We hung the dress off the loft railing above the living room for a unique decoration.

Coming next...Europe Part I: The South of France! 

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