Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weeks 26-29

29 Weeks
How far along? 29 weeks

Baby's size and development? Baby G is now being compared to a butternut squash! 17 inches long, approximately 3lbs and almost done developing all the important stuff (time to get chubby). Little one is losing space in my uterus and is doing less kicking but more throwing of elbows (much as you would in a mosh pit).

Best moment? Buying the first items of clothing for our baby. It has a few outfits from others but for the first time we gave in and bought a couple hats and some socks. :) Also, regstering for the baby shower was fun and it was really nice to see how into it Andrew got. I am incredibly lucky to have him for a husband and this baby has no idea what a good Daddy its going to have. <3

Symptoms/Changes? My net weight gain so far is 8lbs! If I continue at my current rate of a pound a week I will have gained 18 for the whole pregnancy and that seems pretty darn reasonable. My belly gets sore sometimes from feeling so stretched out but no stretch marks yet! I have been getting occasional Braxton Hicks but they are very mild. Every once in a while I get super dizzy and have to sit down, especially when blow drying my hair for some reason. My indigestion is still bad and so is the terrible rash on my face but overall I feel lucky to have had a pretty easy time. My midwife says everything looks good and that we are measuring right on track. :)

What I miss? Cute dresses.

What I'm looking forward to? Picking up the crib next week, my maternity shoot on February 10th, my baby shower on the 23rd and finally meeting this little baby. I have to stop myself from willing it to come early out of impatience but not knowing the gender is starting to wear away at me!
The stuff we bought from babyGap.

I'm actually 30 weeks today!

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