Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nursery Progress

The inspiration for our nursery comes mainly from, she does the most amazing mood boards, but it's her daughter's nursery that I really love. Other bits of inspiration came from pinterest, etc.

Here are some photos that inspire me:

All photos from
There were tons of photos not shown here that I looked at and saved that helped me come up with our idea for the room. The strategy I used was to find common elements in the photos to help pin down exactly what it was I loved about a room. These things tended to be: a Jenny Lind Crib, and black and white chevron rug and a pale aqua wall colour. I also love the grey-taupe dresser/change table and the comfy chair in the top photo. I chose to use these things as a base for our nursery and then add accent colours and details once the baby is born and we know the gender. If it's a girl I will accent with pale pink or coral, and if it's a boy I am thinking more gold, black and neutrals. 

This is what the room looked like shortly after we moved in. We threw some stuff in there to remind us that this is where our baby would sleep one day. :)
Our first step was to clean the room out of all our junk and pick a paint colour. We brought home three sample pots from Home Depot (a $5 each) and painted a patch on each wall. We let it sit for a while and looked at it in every possible light before settling on the middle one. "Aqua Sky" from C-I-L paints. We patched holes, sanded, painted baseboards, the closet, the messy edges around the ceiling and the sill inside the window white. We let this dry befrore taping it all off and doing all the cutting in with the aqua before fininshing off with two coats of rollering.
Terrible shot, I am almost never home during good daylight so it will be a while before I can get a photo of the true colour. It appears paler in person. The cradle will go in our living room once we get a crib. My grandfather made it for me as a baby! Luckily we only needed two coats for the room as it meant only needing one gallon of paint (for a room that is roughly 8'x10'). Our next task will be to find and refinish a dresser!

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