Friday, November 22, 2013

Lachlan: 0 to 4 Months

1 Week Old

Likes: Boobs, sleep, snuggling on Daddy's chest, sucking on a pinky when a boob is unavailable
Dislikes: Thermometers, baths, wearing his incubator eye mask
Notes: Supplemented nursing with tube-feeding pumped milk to help fight jaundice. Very tricky to keep him awake to nurse. First night home at 5 days old!

2 Weeks Old

Likes: Staring at windows, boobs, making faces, his noise machine
Dislikes: Wet wipes, being strapped into his carseat
Notes: He cluster fed and slept 5 hours straight this week!

3 Weeks Old

Likes: Boobs, long walks in the stroller, passing out on Mommy mid-feedng
Dislikes: Tummy time, needing to burp
Notes: Balding, scaly and starting to plump up! Becoming quite grumpy in the evenings.

1 Month Old

Likes: Making angry goat noises at bedtime, long walks in the baby carrier, bouncy seat, boobs, Mommy's "That's Why We Wear A Bib" song and dance number
Dislikes: When he spits up milk out his nose, having a booger, being unable to locate a nipple immediately
Notes: Rash, angry nursing, super chubby

5 Weeks Old

Likes: Stripes, windows
Dislikes: Getting his face wiped
Notes: Awake a lot more, super grumpy/fussy in the evenings

6 Weeks Old

Likes: Being sung to in a very high pitched voice, ideally: You and I, Chim Chiminey, June Hymn...
Dislikes: No new dislikes this week.
Notes: Successfully held head up while on tummy long enough to give mommy a huge open eyes smile or three!

2 Months Old

Likes: Sheep mobile at Grandma's house, cheek tickles, showers, songs, Dr. Suess, smiling, Sleep Sheep
Dislikes: Stationary strollers, tummy time
Notes: Almost giggles, babysat by Nanny and Papa, slept an 8 hour stretch on June 29th

3 Months Old

Likes: Jolly Jumper, drooling, mirror Lachlan, giggles, his car seat, Dad's face
Dislikes: putting clothes on especially over his head
Notes: Visited Vancouver Island, rolled back to front on July 9th, slept a 9 hour stretch on July 17th

4 Months Old

Likes: Coo-ing at his Tigger toy, smiling at everyone, enjoying new toys, Sophie teething ring, giggling, trying to talk
Dislikes: Vaccination lady, being unable to locate his thumb, not getting to touch/eat adult food
Note: His reaching and grabbing is getting very good

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