Monday, August 20, 2012

New Couch

Our loveable Ikea Ektorp couch was run ragged by 10 years of sitting, napping, jumping, falling, moving (it went through 4 houses!) and general couch abuse. I loved it dearly and it was one of the last remaining pieces of furniture from the house I grew up in. (At least we will always have the coffee table, as my Dad would say "That's a good piece of pine.") Anyways, the hunt for a new couch began on, Craigslist and at local furniture stores. I am sad to say that Vancouver Island is NOT the place to buy an attractive and inexpensive couch (unless you dig beige microsuede which I DO NOT.) At long last an ad on craigslist came up with a white Ikea Ektorp corner sofa, in good (read butt not sinking to touch the ground) condition and at about %60 off from the price of buying it new. We took it. It's great! Super comfy, great for napping, could fit two 6' men laying down! Plus, it comes apart into three pieces so it's easier to move than our old three seater. Luckily, we can save up to replace the white (as you know it won't stay white long with a dog and two adults who enjoy snacking on it) slipcover with a sexy grey one! Let's just hope whereever we move to next has a large enough living room....

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