Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Word Art For Your Valentine

This project could be a wedding present for a newly-wed couple, a gift for your spouse for an anniversary or Valentine's Day or you could customize it for any occasion (birthdays, baby showers, etc).

I made mine a while ago just because I wanted some personal art for around the house....

DIY Word Art

  • Printer Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Scissors
  • Picture Frame (4x6 to 8x11)
  • (Computer, Word Processor, Printer)

1.Start by opening a word document on your computer, set it in landscape mode and set the margins to the smallest you can.

2. Write or copy and paste vows, song lyrics, inside jokes, sweet nothings, promises etc. Anything meaningful for you or the recipient of the gift. Fill the whole page and choose different fonts/boldness and sizes to add visual interest and break up the phrases so that important ones stand out.

3. When you are done filling the page print in out and use the glass of the frame it will go in to trace around the area you want shown with a pencil. (Up to an 8''x11'' frame will work, I used a simple, white 5''x7'' frame.) 

4. Now, take your pencil and within the traced area free-hand draw or stencil an initial. It could be you and your Valentine's first name initials or your shared last name's initial if you are married. Draw the initial(s) large so it really stands out, the fill it in with your sharpie.

5. Cut along the rectangle you traced using the glass and put the finished product in the frame!

Like I said this project can be done for any occasion just change the initials, colours and phrases! I will try to make another example and post it soon. Comment if you have any questions and share if you make your own!

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