Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going home* vs. Going home**

Only two more days of classes until I get a lovely weekend off to go home* and visit some family and friends! Then, of course, it's back home** to study like crazy for my week of final exams.  And's a whole summer of no school to just work and save up for Europe! I have always taken classes in the summer before because I could, because they are more enjoyable than fall/winter/spring courses and because I get great grades in them (something about how fast they go and how into the material you have to be...). This year, however, I have committed to just work and save money in the summeer and then finish up the last five classes I have left as two, part-time, semesters beginning in September....Speaking of going home* I am a little bit worried about my diet as I tend to be best on days when I am home**, I guess I will try to just work something out and not break routine. Anyways, I should go study for my test in the morning. I will do a "Two-Weeks-In" diet update soon and post about my adventures in chicken roasting as I have been putting off having to relive this.

(What going home*/** sometimes looks like)

* home meaning back on the mainland at our parents' houses
** home meaning where we actually live...I don't know when, if ever, we will stop referring to "home" as where we grew up and start referring to where we have lived for almost three years now as "home."

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